I'm sure there are other (possibly even better) ways of doing this, but here's what worked for me!  Good luck!!


Download and install VirtualPC2007
Download and install ISO Recorder
Download the FreeDoS BaseCD ISO

Creating a DOS Virtual Machine

Create a New Virtual Machine using the default settings
Start the virtual machine, and capture the fdbasecd.iso
Reset the virtual machine
Select 1. Boot FreeDos from CD-ROM
Select 1. Install to harddisk using FreeDOS SETUP
Choose your language
Prepare the (virtual) harddisk for FreeDOS by running XFDisk
Create a new primary partition (64Mb would be a good start, depending on how many programs you want to install)
Write the partition table
After the reset Continue to Boot FreeDOS from CD-ROM
Install to harddisk
Choose your language
Format harddisk (don't worry - it's a virtual harddisk!)
Continue with installation
Boot from harddisk
Select option 1: Load FreeDOS...
Type "ctmouse" at C:\> to install a mouse driver

To Install Rebel

To share your downloaded Rebel zip files with the virtual machine, place the zip files in one folder
After you have installed ISO Recorder, right-click on the folder and Create ISO Image File
Capture the ISO image file in the virtual machine under the CD menu
Make a new directory on your C drive, e.g. C:\>md rebel9
Copy the Rebel zip file to the new directory
Type C:\>d: to switch to the ISO image in the virtual machine CD drive
Type D:\>dir/p to view the drive contents
Type D:\>copy rebel9.zip c:\rebel9\ to copy the zip file to new directory on the C drive
Navigate to the new directory
Type D:\>c: to switch to the C drive
Type C:\>cd rebel9 to switch to the rebel9 directory
Type C:\Rebel9\>unzip rebel9.zip to unzip the zip file
Type C:\Rebel9\>dir/p to view the directory files
Type C:\Rebel9\>del rebel9.zip to delete the zip file to save space
If there is a file called start.bat, then type start to run the program
If not, as is the case with Rebel 9, type C:\Rebel9\>rebel to run the program


To navigate up a level from a directory type cd..
Type help for help on the FreeDOS commands
To release the mouse pointer, press the right-alt key
To toggle between full screen and windowed mode, press right-alt and enter
To bypass the CD check in RebelXP, create an empty file by typing C:\rebelxp\>edit, Ctrl+N, and save the file as "register.bin"
There are few differences between Rebel12 and RebelXP, so don't worry if you don't get the former to work.

Zarkon Fischer 2007