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Chess Hero 2.3

It is nice to see a new piece of free training software, especially when it is as simple and effective as this is! Simply set an analysis engine and select a pgn file (e.g. the latest Week in Chess, or perhaps games from a favourite player or opening), and the program will present you with random postions for you to make what you think is the best continuation. Your move is compared to the engine's choice, and can also be compared to the move played in the game. It's the perfect excuse to dip into a game database and an enjoyable way to practise your analysis skills! This is one of the most well-designed chess programs around and deserves a spot on my pick of the best, if I ever get round to updating it! An excellent program!

Chessology 1.0

Chessology is a program for playing against (only as white at present!). When you place the mouse over one of your pieces, the colour of its possible destination squares changes according to whether the computer thinks the move is good or bad. The refutation of a bad move is also sometimes indicated with an arrow. It's a great teaching idea that works really well. Ideal for beginners, but also enjoyable for more advanced players.

Learn Chess Or Call Me An Idiot

An electronic book with animated graphics aimed at teaching the basics of chess. It has sections on how the pieces move and game rules, and short chapters on notation, tactics, strategy, openings and endgames. It's a humourous, informative, beautiful piece of work and a fun introduction or refresher course for the game.

Chess Position Trainer 3.3

This is a good-looking, up-to-date piece of software useful for creating an opening repertoire and testing your knowledge of it. There is excellent documentation and a training wizard to customise testing options according to ability. It can be linked to a pgn file of your games to show where the first move not covered by your repertoire occured. Also has useful importing, exporting and backsolving functions. Several ready-made repertoires are available for download. Like Bookup, but free.

Lucas Chess 3.70

The idea of this software is to play against one of the many included engines with the help of a limited number of hints from a tutor engine. As you win the difficulty increases, and you can play stronger engines. There are also 1000s of chess problems and training positions included.

Tarrasch GUI 1.0

A simple program for playing against with some useful training features, including blindfold chess and a 'play N half moves behind' mode", opening book hints, and some training positions.